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Rider Team
Nov 10, 2020
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A while back I saw this on a forum and realized it was possible to swap the stock swingarm for a longer or wider one to fit a normal motorcycle wheel. I have been doing further research and will post updates on my eventual goal of having a motorcycle wheel setup front and rear. This photo also brought up the idea of seat extensions... It is true! We are working on a minimum of 3 variants of a seat replacement kit. The styles will be: Dirt Bike (body kit and longer seat with fender), Supermoto Stunt Bike (Wheelie pegs on the seat extensions and a rear fender for scraping), and a Cargo Bike (2 seater with cargo rack for plenty of space to carry items or store a helmet). It will bolt directly on to the stock battery compartment lock and the 4 seat subframe bolds. We are super excited about these products and can't wait to launch them soon! Stay tuned for more updates!
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