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Project Death Hornet

This custom 2018 Sur Ron Light Bee showcases my design and build capabilities. This project required significant planning, testing, and iterating to bring my vision to life. Through the use of design software like Illustrator and Solidworks, I was able to develop a completely new vehicle out of an existing platform. 

Project Death Hornet Video:

Custom Form and Function Improvements

I identified multiple shortcomings of the stock Sur Ron vehicle and sought to address them. The first issue was getting a second rider on the bike. This required the design and custom fabrication of an extended seat subframe, custom upholstery, and several ergonomic improvements. Next, I enabled the vehicle to handle the extra weight of a second passenger and cargo. This required a total suspension rebuild, braking improvements, and additional redundant braking failsafes. Because the bike was originally designed for only one rider, these improvements were necessary to guarantee safety and comfort in all riding conditions.


Custom Electrical Systems

I also identified the need for several additional electrical subsystems including an onboard alarm system, GPS tracker, active brake lights, turn signals, and a comprehensive trip computer. I completely redesigned the entire vehicle's wiring harness to feed power and data to each subsystem and enable these new capabilities.


Custom Powertrain

I heavily modified this vehicle to push more than 4x stock power. This noteworthy power increase was done safely with rigorous testing and improved components. Utilizing new battery chemistries, range on a single charge was increased from 40 miles to roughly 100. I custom tuned the motor controller so that this vehicle can now out-accelerate most supercars to 40 mph and many sports cars to 60 mph.

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