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Personal FAQ's

  • Where did you get that bike? How much was it?
    I got my Sur Ron Light Bee from Luna Cycle in 2018 for $3,000 bone stock. Since then, I have likely invested an additional $3,000 or so.
  • How much power are you running?
    I am currently running 24.6kW peak and 14.4kW constant. I have a 72v battery which discharges at 300 amps and will overcharge to 82v. On 17 inch tires with a 48 tooth sprocket, I can go from 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds.
  • What is your range like with that power?
    I get about stock range with the 72v battery at increased speed (45mph rather than 30mph).
  • How can I make my Sur Ron like yours?
    To run the same/similar power as me, you will need an aftermarket battery, aftermarket motor controller, and aftermarket display. Those three components allow you to increase power up to around 90v which seems to be the threshhold of the stock Sur Ron motor. Pushing more than 30kW is not safe for the stock motor.
  • Why did you get a Sur Ron?
    I got into Cal Berkeley and needed a mode of transportation from my freshman dorms (which were a 35 min walk from class on top of a problematic knee injury I suffered in high school). I adapted the Sur Ron platform for road use and used it for my commute every day for over two years of school (don't really need it this year due to COVID, but still love riding).
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