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Andrew Harris's Portfolio
Useful Links: Resume and Linkedin

5 Recent Projects:



Project Katara

This completely custom EV was developed from the ground up by my company, Amped Emotos. Our vision was to build high performance, lightweight, low cost, electric motorcycles tailored for specific fleet markets.


Project Bernard

I created this desktop PC for CAD, simulation, video editing, graphic design, and gaming. This completely custom watercooled build showcases my attention to detail, commitment to my creative vision, and my aesthetic ability.



Project Ronster

I partnered with YouTube celebrity rider Surronster (>600k subscribers) to completely customize his bike. I entered this vehicle into the 2021 International Motorcycle Show's Custom Build contest and was awarded second prize! This marked the first EV to ever win an award at the event.


Project Vader

I built this custom commissioned all black PC for a Star Wars enthusiast. Boasting incredible performance and a bold appearance, Vader stands out as a true one-of-a-kind PC.



Project Death Hornet

This custom 2018 Sur Ron Light Bee showcases my design and build capabilities. This project required significant planning, testing, and iterating to bring my vision to life. Through the use of design software like Illustrator and Solidworks, I was able to develop a completely new vehicle out of an existing platform. 

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