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Project Vader

I built this custom commissioned all black PC for a Star Wars enthusiast. Boasting incredible performance and a bold appearance, Vader stands out as a true one-of-a-kind PC.

Why Build Vader?

I was commissioned to create a high performance PC for a Star Wars fan. He wanted the build to reflect the futuristic, brutalist design language of the Empire. He also wanted the build to be easily serviceable and to boast the processing power to run any game. I was excited by the challenging nature of this build and set out to exceed the client's expectations.


This PC features:

  • Overclocked top-of-the-line components for next-gen gaming

  • Custom high performance acrylic liquid cooling system

  • Iconic Star Wars Imperial aesthetic

Inspired by Darth Vader

This build was all about conforming to the aesthetic of the Empire. Taking inspiration from Darth Vader himself, I included sharp edges, dark colors, and customizable ambient lighting to help add some distinctly Star Wars character to the build. This combination of styles is what made the Star Wars Empire so iconic and I hope to have channeled some of its style into this build.

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