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Project Bernard

I created this desktop PC for CAD, simulation, video editing, graphic design, and gaming. This completely custom watercooled build showcases my attention to detail, commitment to my creative vision, and my aesthetic ability.

Project Bernard Video:

Why Build Bernard?

With ten years of desktop PC building experience, I wanted to challenge myself. I decided to build a completely custom computer that met several key design specifications:

  • Incredible processing power for 3D work (modeling, rendering, and simulation), video production, and next-gen gaming

  • Hand-bent high performance acrylic liquid cooling system

  • Unmatched aesthetic uniqueness  

Design Language

I brainstormed and used my sketchbook to create a design language and aesthetic vision for the project.

  • First, I found my inspiration for the project from Bernard on HBO's Westworld. His white, robotic interior paired with the silver and black machines that made him provided my color palette. Keeping the palate simple proved beneficial in the long run because color-matching parts can be very difficult

  • I decided that 45 degree chamfered edges and trapezoidal consistency of components would give the computer a unique and holistic aesthetic

  • Finally, I utilized a "slotted" pattern of machined parts to give the build a modern, industrial appearance. This design choice was not only aesthetically appealing, it also functioned to maximize the surface area of heat producing components in order to better dissipate thermal energy

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