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Nov 11, 2022
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I'm posting this as it might possibly prevent someone else from falling into the same trap as I did. I'd owned a Light Bee for around a year before I decided to also go in on a Storm; the Storm Bee is a good bike no doubt, I've done around 1250 miles on mine and I can tell you it rips. The parts availability is nothing short of a joke. My fork seals began to leak after roughly 300 miles, not ideal but I'd been popping a few wheelies so I wasn't too bothered. The seals aren't covered under warranty so it stood me at the cost of the seals plus labour - that would be fine if Sur Ron even supplied replacement seals. I bought the bike in February this year and after nine months Sur Ron dealers still cannot supply spare parts. I've spent hours on the phone throughout the year with three different dealers, searched the internet high and low and still there is no proper after-sales support. Every time I phone, the colleague at whichever dealership I'm dealing with is always very apologetic as they are obviously frustrated too. Numerous are the reasons I've been given for the dearth of spare parts, and each time I'm told there is a "container" passing through customs, the contents of which will (apparently) be shared amongst the dealers within weeks. This has been the case for at least six months now. I bought the bike with my eyes open, and I knew that after sales would be nothing to rival that of the established bike manufacturers, but after seeing the promotional material for the Sur Ron Ultra Bee last night, and then phoning the dealership this morning to be told there is still no sign of spare parts, I can't help but feel that Sur Ron care more about shipping bikes and fueling the YouTube hype than they do about looking after existing customers. I'd also add two things; when I bought the bike, the user manual PDF file that I was sent by the dealer was only half complete, and it could be seen from the contents page that it was supposed to contain many more pages than it did, and included in those pages was the warranty information. I rode the bike for a couple of months without even knowing the service schedule and by extension how many miles I could ride before I invalidated the warranty. Again I was left in a position where I was phoning round various dealers and trying to get a sensible answer as to why a bike that had been available to purchase for a few months at this point did not have a complete user manual. In the end the dealer I bought the bike from managed to get hold of a finished copy from Sur Ron, but not before a number of weeks had passed Furthermore the dealer that sold me the bike actually gave up the Sur Ron franchise shortly after I bought the bike. When I put the question of why they had binned it to them, they didn't want to go into too much detail but just said that it was hard work. Personally I'm pretty laid back, and I've held off of making any noise about this on the internet, but the fact is after nine months I have a £8500 bike with an unknown amount of fork oil, no rear wheel speed sensor (ripped off = no traction control or ABS) and one good crash could break a key component and render the bike useless until such a time as Sur Ron decide to start supporting people who have actually bought their products instead of churning out hot garbage at a rate of knots. To be clear, the bike is good. I love riding the Storm and I love riding the Light Bee, the build quality of both is excellent. However while the Light Bee enjoys more support in terms of OEM and aftermarket spares, and also can be purchased used for a reasonable amount, I would advise anyone not to purchase the Storm Bee until Sur Ron sort themselves out - the same goes for the Ultra Bee when it lands. They look great when put in the hands of YouTube content creators for a day, but I am telling you what it is like to own one as a mere mortal.


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