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I turn on the Ignition and nothing Happens

Motor Does Not Move

Before continuing with this section make sure you check all the sensors and connections covered hereCLICK ME


If you have this cable (see below) then open the battery cover, turn the breaker OFF and unplug the battery connecter and connect this harness to the bike and then connect the other end to the battery. The LED will flash is there is a trouble code stored, wire down the code and check the following error code chart















First test should be the wheel spin test, see if the rear wheel spins without much effort. If you can't rotate it with a finger or 2 then it's possible that the controller is shorted out

Take a look at this video:



f you havent inspected the connection yet then it's time to do it, dont pull on the wires, just press them in firmly, check if there aren't any wires pulled out of a connector.

Please watch this video:












If the motor/rear wheel spins fine and all the sensors are unplugged and you checked every connection then it can still be the controller or a bad connection in the harness. Best would be to take a video of the issue and email

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