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The Bike is Super slow

Sur-Ron Street legal mode is likely engaged

Please click this link to see the video on how to change from full power to street legal and vice-versa.

On the Light-Bee this is a (very) low power mode (like 8-10mph) on the Light-Bee X (LBX) it's a street legal mode (if that applies to your state/country) and it's locked to 25-30mph.

Now here is the trick, If your bikes was bought before May 2019 then:

Cutting this wire will limit both power AND speed depending on the model you have . In theory you could put a switch here when you go offroad but the idea is you simply cut the looped green/black wire.

If your Bike came with the factory street/slow mode, just look for the green/black wire under the black sheath and crimp or solder both ends together (or twist them together if you can't wait!)

If your bike was bought after May 2019 then: It's the opposite, cutting the green/black wire will make you bike fast again!

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