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Throttle Issues

If you think you have throttle problems first step would be to check the error codes with the LED programing adapter (or called error code adapter) and see if you have any error codes, put the bike on a bench and give it a few throttle twist until you experience the problem you've been having. Could be error 14 , error 15 or no error code.

If in any case the motor went to full throttle without even touching the throttle then open a support ticket asap

Error 15 and error 14 could mean there is a problem with the wiring, possibly a wire got pulled out (ripped from the little circuit board inside the throttle body. IT could means the wires in the main harness are crushed and touching or can mean the controller has a problem.

The first step would be to replace the throttle with a new one, or test the signal:

SR throttle test

You have 3 wires going to it. So remove the bash guard to expose the throttle connection, it's a triangle shaped 3 pin connector that is inside the rubber black boot, locate the 3 wires. red black and green (they all have a white stripe on the wires). Leave the throttle connected. put the rear up in the air or remove the chain to be safe



















When powered you should have between 4.2V to 5VDC between the red and black

You should have 0.85V between the black and the green (throttle at rest)

And 3.6V at full throttle between the green and black.

You will have to poke thought the insulation of the wires if your probes are too big to fit the back of the connector.

SO if your issue is not intermittent and you have the right voltage range then it's likely not throttle related. Might be be the controller...

Replacing the throttle

There are 2 model, the mechanical throttle and the electronic throttle. Pre 2020 bikes came with the mechnical unit and the 2020 bikes now have the electronics one.

The mechanical throttle is a 3 parts system, the speed controller, the cable and twist handle and the metal body. We only have the 2 first parts, so please keep this in mind if you want to convert from a E-throttle to a mechanical one.

The E-throttle is a complete plug and play unit, if you have the mechanical throttle you can convert to the E-throttle

IF by any chance you cannot find the needed replacement part you can always convert your Sur-ron to an aftermarket throttle!

The Sur-ron uses a 3 wire hall sensor based throttle so basically the option are endless, you can pick any throttle we have in stock and convert it to your Sur-Ron

Please watch he video below, I will explain how to use any electronic throttle on your bike

NOTE: before cutting and splicing anything make sure to remove the battery and then let the controller capacitors drain (you just need to flip the breaker and ignition on without a battery attached)













The click version were I only show you the pinout of the throttle connector.












Testing the aftermarket throttle

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